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2011-02-28 01:20:59 by Dj730

Ok. This is a new year, and I'm going after it.

Thats right, I'm pursuing this dream with every fiber in my body.
(Or any fiber I can spare after college classes!)

Its going to happen.....It has to happen. I know I got the skills. I know I got the ability, so all it takes is that other shit...

You know.....The business ish.

Check out my music. Hit me up if you wanna collab on a hip-hop track, and trust me. You wont be dissapointed.

As you know or As you don't or whatever...

I'm running this little series called (The Death of Legacy)

Its about the tracks that led to the eventual transformation to where I am now.
Peep it out and see where it leads.

You have to start somewhere to make progress I always say.

Dub Duces. Stay Smooth.

Oh Noes!

2010-07-23 15:07:13 by Dj730

I've been severely ZERO BOMBED!

Welcome To Legacy

2010-07-16 13:06:49 by Dj730

You will be seeing alot more of me in the future, but I prefer not to speak. For silence warrants an immediate action, just watch what I do and don't ask what I'm going to.